Cretin summit: Leftist Latinx dictators gather in Havana, Cuba

Cretins ‘R Us

Get out your room deodorizers!

The stench is unbearable.  Tremenda peste…

Synthetic “president” Trucutu of Castrogonia is hosting a big fiesta for fellow Castronoid tyrants.

But this might not be a very cheerful party.

Trucutu himself admits that they’re meeting to discuss “threats” to their hegemony in Latrine America.

No surprise, really, but hey, why didn’t they invite Mexico’s new leftist president “AMLO” ?

He could have showed up for this fiesta with a colorful piñata full of narcodollars.

Oh… maybe next time….

Hey, invite me next time…

From Voice of America:

The leaders of a regional Latin American and Caribbean block of leftist governments met in Cuba’s capital, Havana, Friday with the host warning of “right-wing advances” in the region.

“We can’t be naïve,” summit host, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, told the group, “… It is not possible to underestimate the massive deployment of resources by our historic adversaries to derail governments, sow chaos and topple democratically elected officials.”

He warned of “right-wing advances” and said the summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) is a bastion against “reactionary forces” in the region.

He also spoke of his country’s solidarity with Venezuela and Nicaragua, both of which are in the midst of economic and political crises, and whose leaders attended the summit.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pledged his country will continue to provide energy support to member states, despite his country’s economic crisis.

“ALBA has been and will always be the only project for integration and unity of our people in Latin America and the Caribbean that reaches the homes and humble lives with love, solidarity, health, education, life and continuity,” he said.

The summit was founded 14 years ago by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The group’s aim is to reduce Latin America’s reliance on Western aid by promoting cooperation and trade between member countries.

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  1. AMLO may not be as stupid (or as needy) as the Three Stooges, and Mexico still refuses to admit it is a failed state (unlike the others, which are so far gone they don’t much care one way or the other).

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