Increased censorship brings Venezuela and Nicaragua ever closer to total Cubanization

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From our Annals of Latrine Repression Bureau with considerable assistance from our Ménage à Trois Bureau

Aaah, the wonders of Latrine America, where the Castro regime is revered as the ultimate utopian model!

While dictators Nicolas Maduro and Daniel Ortega party in Havana at their Cretin Summit, their thugs back home have just taken a few more steps towards total Cubanization.

In the Cuban colony of Venenozuela, dictator Maduro’s government has just managed to close down the last newspaper that dared to criticize him and report the truth.

And they achieved this by strangling the newspaper economically, refusing it access to newsprint and other essential goods and equipment.

Now, of course, Maduro can claim that U.S. Sanctions are responsible for the newspaper’s demise, since none of the shortages in Venenozuela can be ascribed to him.

Smells like Havana.  Tremenda peste.

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From Marti Noticias

The newspaper El Nacional circulated in print  for the last time in Caracas on Friday and announced that it will return to its print edition when “Venezuela returns to democracy.”

Non-governmental media observation groups and press unions said that the circulation of the newspaper, the last national newspaper critical of the government, is a blow to freedom of expression in the oil country.

“I want to think that this is a parenthesis,” said the editor in chief of the newspaper, Patricia Spadaro, at a press conference in the wide newsroom of the newspaper, now empty, and attended by some former workers on Friday to express with shouts. and banners their solidarity with the environment.

Executives from El Nacional, founded 75 years ago, blamed the administration of President Nicolás Maduro for harassing the newspaper in different ways, including not supplying foreign currency to buy imported paper and other supplies, nor assigning coils that are exclusively distributed by a state corporation.

Da boss: il capo di tutti capi

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Meanwhile, in the Cuban colony of Nicarrrragua, where Cubanization is not yet in the final stages, harassment of journalists is increasing rapidly.

For now, dictator Ortega is unable to match the great triumph just achieved in Venenozuela, where all press dissent has been totally silenced.

But it probably won’t take long for him to catch up.

Meanwhile, all non-Latinx American leftists can keep trilling their R’s vigorously when they speak of Nicarrrrrragua, to prove their solidarity with Orrrrtega & company.

Da boss: il capo di tutti capi

Also from Marti Noticias

The Nicaraguan Police raided Thursday night the offices of journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, a critic of the government of President Daniel Ortega.

Human rights defenders repudiated the measure and described it as an attack against freedom of expression.

Chamorro, son of the former president of Nicaragua Violeta Chamorro, directs two television programs and a digital newspaper.

“All the work teams of the TV show ‘Esta Semana’, ‘Esta Noche’ and the newspaper Confidencial were taken,” Chamorro told Reuters.

Carlos Fernando Chamorro

The journalist is considered one of the most influential in the country and won the 2010 Maria Moors Cabot Award, from Columbia University, in New York.

Chamorro, 63, is also the son of Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, a Nicaraguan journalist, businessman and politician who, under the command of the newspaper La Prensa, opposed the Anastasio Somoza dictatorship.

According to Chamorro, several police arrived at the building where the media offices are located and, after breaking the locks, “they took everything.”

This abuse of the press occurs days after the Congress of Nicaragua annulled the legal status of 10 non-governmental organizations.

Amnesty International believes that Ortega’s recent decision to cancel the legal registration of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights has the purpose of hiding the repression in the country.

Socialism 101: Giving everyone free stuff precludes having a free press