2 thoughts on “Video of the Day – Pre-1959 TV commercials in Cuba before the country was destroyed by socialism”

  1. Very sad to see how one man’s unbridled thirst for power motivated by a hatred for the country of his birth has destroyed that country. Cuba’s best left, its business class, its great families that had founded family-owned businesses that created wealth for nation. What you have left in Cuba now is a small claque of mercenary people who are only interested in perpetuating themselves indefinitely in power. That entire civil/business/free enterprise society that made commercials like this possible, are gone. For instance, the nomenclature that is running Cuba to the ground is now going to destroy the historic Payret movie theatre in order to raise a hotel. Of course, they don’t care. They’re getting money from some European hotelier and that’s all that they care about. Every day that passes, Cuba falls deeper into the abyst.

  2. They may look quaint now, but those commercials were then state of the art. Cuba was WAY ahead of “Latin” America, and if it had stayed on course, it would now be a first-world country, without question (and I’m not talking Puerto Rico or even Hawaii). The magnitude of the Castro disaster is beyond words.

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