171 Sundays of repression in Cuba: Ladies in White arrested again as they try to attend church

The “new” Cuba

If you follow news from Cuba through the major news outlets of North America and Europe, you are by now convinced that the Castro regime is dead and that synthetic “president” Trucutu Diaz Canel is setting the country on a new path with myriad reforms.

And if you follow the rosy reports of major “experts” in think tanks, such as this very recent piece of rainbows-and-unicorns fluff in the Brookings Institution web site,  you’re probably even more inclined to think that the bad old Cuba is gone and bright shining new Cuba is rapidly emerging.

Unfortunately, that narrative is generated by the Castro Ministry of Truth and it’s nothing but a big fat lie, nothing more than a spiffed up, new improved version of the Big Lie that they’ve been cranking out for useful idiots during the past six decades.

For instance, try to find reports on what has been happening to the Ladies in White for the past 171 Sundays.

These women are continually harassed, abused, beaten, dragged into police stations and jails, and threatened with even worse penalties every time they try to attend church on Sunday….

…. and, by the way…. Castrogonia’s infamous “acts of repudiation” are still part and parcel of everyday life. See video below.

Good luck finding this story anywhere other than news outlets such Babalu or Radio/TV Marti:

Although at least a dozen and a half of Ladies in White were arrested this Sunday in various parts of Cuba, several of them were able to attend mass to continue urging the authorities to release all political prisoners and respect human rights .

This is the 171st Sunday when the opposition movement faces the repression of the authorities when it tries to take to the streets to demonstrate peacefully.

A total of 18 Damas de Blanco were arrested, 6 in the capital and 12 in the province of Matanzas, the former prisoner of conscience, Angel Moya Acosta, told Radio Martí. The activist warns that the figure could be higher.

“Despite the operations of State Security and the National Police, several Ladies in White were able to attend mass,” Moya Acosta said in his report.

The activist said that the leader of the opposition group, Berta Soler, was the victim of an “atypical arrest” when leaving the headquarters of the Ladies in White, in the Havana neighborhood of Lawton.

Soler was arrested by agents of the State Security and the PNR (National Revolutionary Police), while facing an act of repudiation on the part of militants of the Communist Party called by the regime, explained Moya Acosta.

Socialism in action! Viva la sociedad civil! Up with civil society!