Vatican website congratulates Cuba’s murderous ‘revolution’ on its 60th anniversary, quickly deletes post

Papa Ché’s love affair with Cuba’s vile communist revolution, which has murdered tens of thousands, imprisoned hundreds of thousands, and enslaved millions, continues.

Debra Heine reports in PJ Media:

Vatican News Paid Tribute to 60th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution in Deleted Post

The Vatican News website recently paid tribute to Cuba on the 60th anniversary of the Communist revolution in a post that was quickly deleted, according to reports.

The Communist island nation marked the occasion with celebrations on News Year’s Day, while several leftist Latin American leaders tweeted their best wishes.


Not to be outdone, the Vatican News Service offered its own tribute of sorts to commemorate the festive occasion: Cuba Celebrates 60 Years of the Revolution. The post reportedly read:

The historic anniversary was celebrated with an official ceremony in which the former head of state and leader of the Cuban Communist Party, Raúl Castro, and the current president of the nation, Miguel Díaz-Canel, participated.

The post was apparently deleted, but not before some appalled readers captured it:

Some Catholics on Twitter criticized the post for what they felt was an inappropriately simpatico tone.

Below, read an excerpt of the Vatican News post (English via Google Translate):

The Cuban Revolution celebrated its 60th anniversary this January 1, 2019. On the island, the historic anniversary was celebrated with a ceremony in Santiago de Cuba, in the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, where Fidel Castro is buried, who died on November 25, 2016. To the main national forces on January 10, 1959, the dictator Fulgencio Batista fled 26 months of guerrilla war led by brothers Fidel and Raul Castro. From Santiago, Fidel Castro proclaimed the beginning of the revolution the victory of the counterculture.

Batista was president of Cuba from 1952 to 1959 before being overthrown during the violent Cuban Revolution. Fidel Castro turned the formerly prosperous island nation into a one-party communist system, transforming it into the impoverished and closed society it is today.

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