OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro speaks the truth about Cuba’s Castro dictatorship

Elliott Abrams at the Council on Foreign Relations:

The OAS Secretary General Tells the Whole Truth About the Cuban Regime

For many years the Organization of American States was a dictators’ club, where the rule was “you don’t criticize my human rights abuses and I won’t criticize yours.” And the secretaries-general of the organization went along with this.

Happily those days are over, and the current secretary-general, Luis Almagro, a former foreign minister of Uruguay, has been a stalwart defender of human rights. At the beginning of this year he delivered a superb speech exposing the dictatorship in Cuba, and it is available on YouTube (in Spanish).  Almagro pulled no punches; he told the brutal truth about the “Cuban revolution.” I’ve tried my hand at translating his speech, and with apologies to Sr. Almagro for any errors, here it is:

The dictatorship present in Cuba is probably the most perfect example of the mythology of misery and human rights violations. That the people of Cuba regain sovereignty is fundamental in a continent that should definitely not host dictatorships, crimes against humanity, or unsustainable social conditions for its people. The end of the dictatorship implies that the process of the revolution that introduced an unsuccessful system must give way to new opportunities for people to enjoy their rights, must give way so that people can be free, without total control of public and private life by a totalitarian and corrupt state.

The Cuban dictatorship has failed in access to rights and equity, its productive system has failed, its financial management has failed, its management of the economy has failed and the only way to melt away its social deficiencies is to push its people into exile; it is a system that is incapable of giving dignified and honest work to its people, that is unable to open its youth to enterprise, unable to generate a competitive productive system and unable to achieve solutions for the simplest financial issues such as the operation of a real exchange rate.

The Castro revolution has survived on the basis of its parasitism, first of the Soviet Union and second of Venezuela. It is an extreme parasitism because even after having, for example, killed the Bolivarian revolution they continue to feed off it for their benefit. It is the fundamental concept of the prostituted revolution, to live on what they take from others even in the most sordid way, even providing the most infamous services such as suppression, conducting repressive internal intelligence activities or torture.

It is essential that the dictatorship fall because that is the only way to end impunity in terms of corruption, violations of human rights and crimes against humanity on the island. It is the only way to demonstrate their lies and the facade they try to present to the world, such as the past fraudulent elections, or the illegitimate constitutional referendum, whose results will be illegitimate, without guarantees of political and civil rights.


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