OAS examining Nicaragua and its descent into a repressive communist dictatorship

The OAS thankfully continues to open its eyes to the vile dictatorships in the region. Cuba’s dictatorship and its puppet dictatorship in Venezuela no longer have the luxury of operating in the shadows of the OAS, and now it’s the dictatorship in Nicaragua’s turn to be exposed to the light.

John Suarez reports in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Nicaragua at the crossroads: OAS examines Central American nation’s slide into dictatorship under the Ortega regime

The end of democracy in Nicaragua examined by the Organization of American States.

On Friday, January 11, 2019 the Organization of American States began the Inter-American Democratic Charter process regarding Nicaragua.  Representatives from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia and the usual suspects howled in protest, but events in the Central American country under the regime of Daniel Ortega indicate that something must be done.

The Nicaraguan magazine Confidencial reported that the “Mothers of April Association of Nicaragua, formed by women who have lost their children or relatives in the demonstrations against President Ortega, demanded on Thursday ( January 10, 2019) to the OAS member countries to apply the Democratic Charter to the Government of Nicaragua.”

Articles 20 and 21, of the the Inter-American Democratic Charter provides the procedures against a member State that is no longer a democracy and suspending its participation in the programs of the organization.

There is ample reason to suspend Nicaragua from the Organization of American States.

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