What happens when the caravan gets to Mexico?

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Down in Central America, we hear about a new caravan headed north.  Before it reaches the US border, it has to cross into Mexico.

What will President Lopez-Obrador do?  He has to block the caravan or face serious political backlash.  Lopez-Obrador is already at war with his countrymen over gas shortages.  He does not need another headache!

According to other news reports and my own conversation with friends and acquaintances  in Mexico, there is no appetite to admit more “caravans”.

I cannot say whether these views represent a majority opinion.  I have no scientific survey to link to.  Nevertheless, I am hearing the same thing from friends and business associates.

After a few phone calls, I’ve concluded that Mexicans are sympathetic or understand that the violence is driving people out of these countries.   At the same time, they don’t like their country to act as “el camino” the highway, to the U.S.

We will wait and see.

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