Cuba refusing to turn over ELN terrorist leaders holed up in Havana after Marxist group accused of bombing in Colombia

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship is refusing to turn over leaders of the Marxist ELN terrorist organization currently holed up in Havana. The Colombian government has demanded that Cuban authorities arrest the terrorist group leaders, but so far, the Castro government has refused.

Over the past few decades, the Castro regime has earned a reputation of sponsoring terrorist organizations in Latin America and all over the world. It appears they want to keep that reputation intact.

Via Reuters:

Cuba, Colombia face standoff over extradition request for ELN rebels

Cuba has sidestepped the Colombian government’s request for it to extradite 10 Marxist rebel commanders on the island for peace talks after Bogota blamed their National Liberation Army (ELN) for a car bomb on Thursday that killed 21 people.

Cuba’s foreign minister said in a tweet late on Friday the country would respect the protocols of the negotiations it had been hosting and was consulting with both parties and the guarantors of the talks.

The protocols provide minimum security guarantees for guerrilla leaders to return to mountainous or jungle areas of Colombia with the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross, providing security from military attack for an agreed period.

Colombian President Ivan Duque said on Saturday that its extradition request did not come within the context of the abortive peace talks in Havana, but rather in response to a “criminal act that violates human rights.”

“No act of this nature merits any kind of protocol that would avoid justice being done, for that reason we call upon this government to hand over these criminals in order for justice to be done,” the right-wing leader in a televised address.

Colombians, including Duque, planned to join in a march on Sunday to protest against the car bombing.

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