Russian mercenaries arrive in Venezuela to protect Maduro

From our Venenozuelan Crisis Bureau, with assistance from our Annals of Grand Putinia Bureau

Never mind all of Castro, Inc.’s military “advisors” and assorted thugs who have been protecting their viceroy in Caracas for years.

Now that the fire under his ample derriere has intensified, Venenozuelan puppet ruler Nicolas Maduro has gotten himself a contingent of 400 Russian mercenaries to ensure that he remains in power as well as physically safe.

Right now, officials in Caracas, Havana, and Moscow are staying tight-lipped about these Kremlin-linked soldiers-for-hire and their mission.

But credible sources report that these Russians connected to the infamous  Wagner Group flew to Havana, where they changed planes so they could fly into Caracas unnoticed on commercial flights.

Hoo wee, Mildred … hang on tight, darlin’. This ride’s gettin’ bumpier by the minute!

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Exclusive: Kremlin-linked contractors help guard Venezuela’s Maduro

Private military contractors who do secret missions for Russia flew into Venezuela in the past few days to beef up security for President Nicolas Maduro in the face of U.S.-backed opposition protests, according to two people close to them.

A third source close to the Russian contractors also told Reuters there was a contingent of them in Venezuela, but could not say when they arrived or what their role was.

Russia, which has backed Maduro’s socialist government to the tune of billions of dollars, this week promised to stand by him after opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself president with Washington’s endorsement.

It was the latest international crisis to split the global superpowers, with the United States and Europe backing Guaido, and Russia and China urging non-interference.

Yevgeny Shabayev, leader of a local chapter of a paramilitary group of Cossacks with ties to Russian military contractors, said he had heard the number of Russian contractors in Venezuela may be about 400…

…The contractors’ task in Venezuela was to protect Maduro from any attempt by opposition sympathizers in his own security forces to detain him, Shabayev said.

“Our people are there directly for his protection,” he said.

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