UN Security Council: Pompeo calls on nations to support democracy in Venezuela, slams Cuba’s sinister intervention

During an emergency session of the UN Security Council on Saturday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on all nations to support the end the socialist tyranny of the Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela and a transition back to democracy in that country. Pompeo also singled out Cuba for its blatant intervention in Venezuela and its leading role in destroying that country’s democratic institutions.

But no regime has done more to sustain the nightmarish condition of the Venezuelan people than the regime in Havana. For years, Cuban security and intelligence thugs, invited into Venezuela by Maduro himself and those around him, have sustained this illegitimate rule. They have trained Maduro’s security and intelligence henchmen in Cuba’s own worst practices. Cuba’s interior ministry even provides a former – provides former President Maduro’s personal security. Members of this body often use their microphones here to condemn foreign interference in internal affairs. Let’s be crystal clear: the foreign power meddling in Venezuela today is Cuba. Cuba has directly made matters worse and the United States and our partners are the true friends of the Venezuelan people.

Video of Sec. Pompeo’s remarks:

A full transcript of his remarks are available HERE.