New York Times propaganda piece on communist Cuba leaves many wondering what Cuba they visited

Nick Kristof from The New York Times visited Cuba and apparently got a guided tour of the Castro dictatorship’s Potemkin Village. His report marveling at Cuba’s healthcare system left many wondering what Cuba Kristof actually visited.

Obviously, Kristof didn’t visit the Cuba where the only “healthcare” millions of Cubans see are poorly staffed, filthy hospitals and clinics lacking basic medicine, equipment, and sanitation.

Beyond the Castro Potemkin Village of healthcare lies the real Cuban healthcare system, and it’s quite disturbing.

Spyridon Mitsotakis reports in the Daily Wire:

Nicholas Kristof Must Have Visited A Very Different Cuba

Despite his raging liberalism, I have long been an admirer of Nicholas Kristof. It takes a man of immense courage to do what he did in bringing the terrible truth about Communist China to light for all to see. He has also taken a stand on behalf of young conservatives who suffer discrimination on college campuses, a stand for which he received an enormous amount of hate mail from his lefty readers.

That being said, he screwed up — big time — in his latest column in The New York Times. His essay is dedicated to telling his readers why “Cuba has the Medicare for All that many Americans dream about.”

A little background, to explain my dismay.

I spent two weeks in working class areas of Cuba in 2014. I stayed in Havana for some of the time, but it was the city of Santiago de Cuba that left the biggest impression. In Santiago de Cuba, I stayed next door to a nurse, who upon learning I was an American, asked if I could spare any clean pillow cases and bedsheets. She explained that there was a cholera outbreak going around Cuba’s hospitals. Cholera had been eradicated in Cuba a century earlier, but Cuban hospitals are so filthy and neglected that the disease has made a strong comeback. (In Venezuela, the largest recipient of Cuban medical slave labor, the once extinct disease of Malaria has been revived. Communism may be Godless, but it seems that Cuban Medicare for All works its own miracles in resurrecting dead plagues.)

I was not allowed to see the hospital for myself. Had they known I was coming, they may have prepared, like they did for Michael Moore (a Cuban girl who’s uncle is a doctor in Cuba once told me that “Sicko really bothers me because he [Moore] went to my uncle’s hospital and they were notified months ahead of time. More than enough time to set up a front.”) Instead, I was shown a clinic that was pristine — and it was empty. As far as I can tell, the common people are not allowed in that clinic.

It wouldn’t be surprising. Cuba is by far the most class segregated society I have ever seen. A Cuban worker explained to me that while they hear endlessly from the government about the “American embargo against Cuba,” the real problem is the “internal embargo”—the embargo that the government elite has imposed on the Cuban people to keep them from participating in the economies of the elite and the outside world.

Not only is there physical separation from the elites, but there is even a separate currency. The Cuban people use the Cuban Peso (CUP), whereas the government elite and the tourists use the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC). The CUC is worth 25 times the value of the CUP, and the nation’s tourist areas, luxury restaurants, and other attractions for foreigners will not accept Cuban pesos, effectively keeping the native population out. The Cuban government also uses the two currencies to make it more difficult for Cuban workers to keep more of their money; Cuban workers employed by foreign companies, for example, are only allowed to keep 8% of their salaries once they are converted into CUP.

Mr. Kristof apparently visited a different Cuba than I did.

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  1. I expect Kristof was predisposed to buy the health care BS, like foreign gays who fall for Mariela Castro’s BS, and it’s not hard to get people to “see” what they want to see. Castro, Inc. knows ALL about that.

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