Venezuelan consular officer in Miami turns on dictator Maduro, pledges support for Guaido

Scarlett Salazar, consular official for Venezuela’s consulate in Miami.

While many may be wondering how things in Venezuela will turn out, it seems some high-ranking Venezuelan officials already have a very good idea. Support for Cuba’s puppet dictator Nicolas Maduro among government officials is eroding quickly as more announce their reluctance to go down with a sinking ship.

The latest is Scarlett Salazar, the consular official for Venezuela’s consulate in Miami. On Monday, the Venezuelan diplomat announced she is dumping the dictator and pledging support to the country’s legitimate president, Juan Guaido.

Via Miami’s Local10 News:

A Venezuelan diplomat in Miami says she’s abandoned embattled President Nicolas Maduro, throwing her support behind opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Consular officer Scarlet Salazar issued a videotaped statement Monday saying she’s living up to her constitutional duty as a career diplomat.

Opposition lawmaker Guaido last week declared that he had assumed presidential powers and will hold fresh elections to restore democracy. The U.S. and several other countries have recognized him as interim president, though Maduro is recognized by most nations, as well as the country’s military leadership.

Miami, a stronghold of Venezuelans living in exile.

Salazar says she’s staying and will continue to perform her consular duties at the Miami office.