Spain’s Socialist Prime Minister calls Maduro a “tyrant” despite his own fervent love for the Castro dictatorship in Cuba

Some tyrants deserve to be loved, some don’t

From our Bureau of Aggressively Brazen Hypocrisy

Whoa!  There must be some kind of prize for displaying one’s hypocrisy as blatantly as Spanish Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez just did in Santo Domingo.

He not only boasted that socialists “defend freedom,” but also called Nicolas Maduro a “tyrant.”

Hold on, Mildred, this kind of hypocrisy might be radioactive.  This is Chernobyl-grade hypocrisy, of the sort one seldom sees so openly and brazenly displayed.

Yeah.  The same man who hobnobs with the Castro dynasty and refuses to call Raul or synthetic president Trucutu “tyrants” calls their Venenozuelan puppet a “tyrant.”

And then he has the nerve to say that socialists favor freedom.

Yeah, sure.  This is why he cozies up to Castro, Inc. so much.  And this is why he refused to visit dissidents during his recent visit to Castrogonia.

Pa’l carajo! … ñoooooo!  Este socialista merece un Oscar. O que alguien en Santo Domingo le aplaste una frutabomba podrida en su cara dura…. Le rrrrronca!

From Granma Madrid (El Pais)

The crisis in Venezuela is monopolizing Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s official trip to Latin America, where he is spending three days in Dominican Republic and Mexico to reinforce bilateral ties.

As soon as he landed in Santo Domingo, Sánchez, of the Socialist Party (PSOE), met with Venezuelan opposition leaders at a meeting of the Socialist International (SI) held in the Dominican capital. In his speech, Sánchez called Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro “a tyrant.”

“We are socialists because we defend freedom. Whoever responds with bullets and prisons to the desire for freedom and democracy is no socialist, he is a tyrant. Venezuelans must feel the support of the Socialist International, and so must Nicaraguans,” said the Spanish leader at the world gathering of leftist political parties…

…Back in Spain, the opposition is criticizing Sánchez for not having recognized Guaidó already. But Venezuelan dissidents present at the Santo Domingo gathering expressed gratitude for Spain’s support and assured Sánchez that they will keep up a peaceful fight, contrary to the Venezuelan government’s warnings about an imminent bloodbath.

“We are very grateful. PM Sánchez is emotionally and spiritually committed to the Venezuelan struggle,” said Valero.

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We defend freedom, yes, you betcha… freedom to take your stuff….

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  1. No, one cannot be anti-chavismo without being anti-Castro, but hypocrisy, I mean inconsistency, is inherently leftist–and of course completely “normal” and perfectly fine among the PC crowd.

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