Russia helps Venezuela’s dictator loot national treasury, steal 20 tons of gold

Like his overlords in Cuba, Venezuela’s dictator Nicolas Maduro has a very limited skill set consisting of theft, plunder, repression, and murder. But while his skills may be limited, Maduro has friends in very low places that help him make the most of them.

Sabrina Martin reports in PanAm Post:

Mysterious Russian Plane Spirits Away 20 Tons of Venezuelan Gold

A Russian plane has spirited away 20 tons of gold from the Central Bank of Venezuela under the orders of the usurper Nicolás Maduro.

The plane in question was a Boeing 777 of the Russian airline Nordwind, with capacity for 500 passengers, which was observed on Monday, January 28, when it landed at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, in the central state of Vargas.

The journalist Alexandra Belandia reported that “the tons of goal were loaded onto the plane that landed in Maiquetía…the event occurred during the early morning” of January 30.

The curious thing about the arrival of this Russian plane is that it usually flies routes to Southeast Asia and does not have Venezuela as a normal destination.

The economist and deputy of the National Assembly, José Guerra, warned that the plane was sent with the intent of taking away at least 20 tons of gold from the country. With an estimated value of USD $840 million dollars, the gold in question represents 20 percent of the gold reserves of Venezuela.

“We received information from officials of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV); an airplane arrived from Moscow, with the aim of transporting at least 20 tons of gold,” he said.

“We demand from the BCV the details of what is happening. That gold does not belong to Calixto Ortega, it belongs to the Venezuelan people,” he concluded.

So far, the details of the transaction remain unkown, but Maduro’s indebtedness to Putin is the 500 pound elephant in the room with regard to the Russo-Venezuelan relationship.

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