Cuba’s Castro dictatorship restricting delivery of aid to tornado survivors in Havana

After the devastation left by a tornado that ripped through Havana last Sunday, the Castro dictatorship cracks down on independent groups trying to bring aid to the victims of the disaster.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Cuban regime restricting delivery of aid to victims of the tornado

Activist and university professor Omara Ruiz Urquiola denounced that the Cuban government wants to capitalize on all the aid people are spontaneously bringing.

Cuban authorities have implemented tough restrictions to impede the delivery of donations to victims of the tornado that hit Havana last Sunday.

Several members of independent civil society groups who attempted to reach the city of Regla to delivery water, medicine, and candles to the survivors were intercepted by the police, said Cuban scientiest Oscar Casanellas to Radio Martí.

“We were detained in Regla and they told us we could not go further and we could not distribute [the aid] until the government gave the authorization. (Later) a woman from the government appeared and told us we could go in, but they had us waiting there so long that by that time, it was already almost sundown,” said Casanellas.