Cuban intelligence officers in Venezuela working to keep dictator Maduro in power

Any hope for a peaceful transition back to democracy in Venezuela and the end of the socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro largely depends on the military. If the Venezuelan military continues its refusal to follow and obey the country’s constitution, the eventual and unavoidable end of the Maduro regime could very well become quite bloody.

Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship has stolen billions of dollars from the people and has used that money to purchase the support and protection of the military’s generals. It is the Venezuelan military, bought and paid for through corruption, graft, and drug trafficking, that so far has kept Maduro in power.

This reality has not been lost on Cuba’s Castro dictatorship. In fact, it is likely the Cuban regime that either initiated or facilitated the deals to buy off the generals in order to protect their puppet dictator, Nicolas Maduro.

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has invested a lot of time and resources into colonizing Venezuela and have received quite a return on their investment. The Castros are not about to stand by and watch billions of dollars in spoils from their conquest disappear.

That is why the Cuban dictatorship is taking a very proactive role in maintaining the Venezuelan military loyal to their puppet dictator (via the Irish Times):

Venezuela’s high command has declared its loyalty to Maduro but there are increasing signs of splits within the military, with the regime believed to be ever more reliant on a spy network run by Cuban intelligence officers to identify and neuter attempted insurrections against the regime by lower-ranking officers.

Guaidó called on supporters to keep up the pressure on Maduro to quit what he classified as his “usurpation” of the presidency by holding more rallies this month.

With U.S. sanctions crippling the Maduro dictatorship, it will be difficult to continue making payments to the generals. The Castro dictatorship is aware of that and has already initiated their contingency plan.

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  1. I wish there could be a way for Trump to alert Putin that he has to give up this idea of sending Russian military to help Maduro stay in power.

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