What is happening in Venezuela is not a coup, but a return to democracy

With the duly elected National Assembly appointing an interim president, Venezuela has taken a great step towards ridding itself of a tyrannical socialist dictatorship and restoring freedom and democracy.

Contrary to the screeching by the left defending the murderous socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, the appointment of Juan Guaido as president by the National Assembly is in direct conformity with Venezuela’s democratic constitution. Furthermore, the media’s obsession with calling Guaido a “self-appointed president” is not only incorrect, but an outright lie.

Guaido was not only elected to the National Assembly by the Venezuelan people, he was also elected to the post of president by the members of the National Assembly. The only unelected and self-appointed president in Venezuela today is Nicolas Maduro.

Despite all the “fake news” about coup attempts and self-appointed presidents, what is really happening in Venezuela is the end of socialist tyranny and a return to freedom and democracy.

Irwin Cotler and Brandon Silver explain in Foreign Policy:

Recognizing Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s Leader Isn’t a Coup, It’s an Embrace of Democracy

Treating the Maduro regime as illegitimate, sanctioning its top officials, and sending aid despite a blockade will hasten its demise and speed the transition to democratic governance.

The plight of the Venezuelan people has resulted in one of the largest refugee flows in the world today. Millions have fled and are fleeing their homeland—a crisis that is being perpetuated by Nicolás Maduro’s corrupt and criminal dictatorship.

While the United Nations sounds the alarm on a critical shortage of basic necessities and the weaponization of food and medicine—resulting in dramatic rises in infant and maternal mortality, starvation, stunted growth, and a staggering resurgence of diseases that were formerly eradicated—Maduro has prevented international relief, blocking humanitarian aid. Rather than allowing the Venezuelan people to express their grievances and exercise their constitutional right to peacefully protest and seek solutions at the ballot box, he instead arrests, imprisons, tortures, and murders them.

Whether from independent Venezuelan organizations such as Foro Penal and the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict, international nongovernmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, or intergovernmental organizations such as the Organization of American States (OAS) and the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, there is a critical mass of studies on the human rights crisis in Venezuela.

The OAS Panel of Independent International Experts held public hearings and examined all the evidence, publishing a 451-page report that found there are reasonable grounds to conclude that seven major crimes against humanity have been committed against civilians in Venezuela, including mass murder and extrajudicial executions; widespread imprisonment and deprivation of liberty; horrific acts of torture; and the weaponization of rape and sexual violence. A U.N. investigation reached a similar conclusion.

Maduro’s brutal and criminal assault on the Venezuelan people is, at its core, an offensive against the liberal democratic order that is meant to protect them.Judges are jailed, the rule of law ruined, and civil society silenced—all while democrats are detained, dispossessed, and disappeared.

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