Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has ‘no stomach’ for Cuban food, but apparently has a stomach for Cuban repression

A blaring headline in the UK’s The Times states the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla, has no stomach for Cuban food. With a trip to apartheid Cuba planned for this spring, the Duchess of Cornwall recently expressed her dislike for Cuban food.

The forthcoming trip to Cuba by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, the first by members of the royal family, will no doubt be hailed as a breakthrough in Britain’s relations with the communist state.

The duchess’s relations with the chefs of Cuba will, however, be another matter. In a diplomatic slip that has drawn attention to the trip even before it has been officially announced, she raised a concern that has been voiced by countless visitors over the years: that Cuban food is terrible.

While Camilla may not have a stomach for Cuban food, it seems her and her husband Prince Charles certainly have a stomach for Cuban repression. With their visit to Cuba, the Prince and the Duchess will make clear they have no issue with the violent repression that takes place on the island. Hundreds of dissidents are beaten and arrested by Castro State Security every month in Cuba, and the Prince and the Duchess seem fine with that as long as they don’t have to eat the food.

1 thought on “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has ‘no stomach’ for Cuban food, but apparently has a stomach for Cuban repression”

  1. Charles is a dud, even apparently in his mother’s eyes–a red-faced little man trying too hard who looks like a joke (which has gotten worse with age). Practically nobody thinks much of him, and attempts to compensate with rather ponderous “seriousness” don’t work because he’s too insubstantial to fake it convincingly, so he winds up making a sad spectacle of himself.

    The Camilla woman is basically a distasteful appendage to a vaguely farcical old fool. I don’t care what she thinks of Cuban food, but if she finds it “unconvincing,” she definitely doesn’t want to hear how convincing I find her as a presumptive future queen. I mean, she looks like a very fussed-over fishwife who can’t wait to sneak away so she can smoke cigarettes and knock back some stiff booze out of sight.

    If Charles had been smarter, he’d have managed to stay married to Diana, whose popularity could have rubbed off on him sufficiently to make the Queen decide to abdicate in his favor before he became a senior citizen. Again, he’s a dud, and he means precisely nothing.

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