My late father would have loved the line about ‘no socialism’ here!

As happens often, I was invited to the Dallas Telemundo studios to talk about Trump’s State of the Union speech.  I’m grateful to the station for letting me share my viewpoints with their large audience.

This is what I said:

First, I congratulated President Trump for talking about Venezuela.  It may turn out to be the last straw for the Maduro regime.  At the moment, Maduro’s friends are down to Raul Castro and Evo Morales.  I understand that Mexico and Uruguay have decide to sit it out.  In reality, this has nothing to do with Maduro but rather pandering to the left in their countries.  All of the heavyweights, from Colombia to Brazil to Chile to Argentina, are calling for Maduro to leave.  He will be gone soon!

Second, I was very happy to see the President discuss the economy.  It is his strongest card.  The economy is great and that’s obvious to anyone who wants to look honestly at the situation.  The Democrats do not look smart trying to find fault with this or that.  Hispanics living in the real world have a better GDP and unemployment rate than they did before.  

Third, the President spoke about school choice.  I’ve argued that Hispanic families would be the greatest beneficiaries of such a policy.  President Trump and U.S. Senate should force the Democrats to vote against school choice.  My guess is that it will be a bridge too far for many of these new Democrats elected in conservative districts.  In other words, force Democrats to choose between parents and the teachers unions.

Fourth, and last but not least, it’s great to hear the President talk about late-term abortion.  Abortion is not a winning issue in Hispanic districts.  This is why Beto O’Rourke said nothing about his vote in support of abortion after 20 weeks.  This is also why you never heard a radio ad in Spanish saying “I’m with Hillary” because she supports Roe v Wade.   I’m hoping that the Spanish media will finally start asking Democrats to explain their position on abortion, and especially late-term abortion.

Overall, a good State of the Union speech.  Like most such speeches, it will be largely forgotten as other issues hit the front page.  However, I think that the President scored big points, as we can see in the polls that spoke positively about the speech.

And yes, my late father must be smiling in heaven hearing President Trump say that the U.S. will never be a socialist country.   This is why he and my mom risked so much to bring us to the U.S.  

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