Brazil’s Bolsonaro agrees with Trump, holds Cuba’s Castros responsible for destruction of Venezuela

While leftists and the media do everything they can to hide the obvious, it has become clear Cuba’s Castro dictatorship is responsible for the disaster taking place in Venezuela. It’s becoming harder each day to deny the pernicious influence of the socialist Cuban regime is behind the destruction of democracy and the continuation of tyranny in Venezuelan.

Many, from the media to world leaders, will continue to ignore or deny it. But others are coming out and acknowledging the undeniable truth.

One of those is Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, whose administration has joined the U.S. and President Trump in placing the blame for Venezuela’s catastrophe where it belongs.

Via McClatchy:

The new foreign minister of Brazil joined the Trump administration blaming Cuban forces for propping up Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro and called on Russia to join developed nations in backing an interim government to change in the oil-rich South American nation.

Ernesto Araújo, who has been installed as the top diplomat of Brazil, said Thursday during a visit to Washington that Maduro probably wouldn’t be in power if he was not supported by Cuban forces in Venezuela.

“This is a big part of the problem,” Araújo said. “We totally agree that Cuba has a role, an unfortunate role in keeping Maduro’s dictatorship in power.”

It’s a significant development for South America’s biggest nation to throw such support behind the Trump administration on one of the more controversial aspects of its Venezuela policy.

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