Maduro sends aid to his colonial masters in Cuba while he denies aid to his own starving nation

Venezuelan cargo ship sent to Cuba

From our Marvels of Socialist Colonialism Bureau

This is how colonialism works: colonies exist solely for the enrichment of their colonial masters. Their own welfare is of little concern to the colonial master and the lackeys who do its bidding in the colony itself.

Case in point: Maduro blocks highways to prevent aid from reaching his own people — who are starving and dying — but sends tons of aid to Havana, ostensibly for helping Cuban victims of the recent tornado.

The Castro regime will most probably use what Maduro is sending for purposes other than helping the tornado victims, but that doesn’t matter. The gesture speaks for itself, as does Maduro’s obstinacy and his total subservience to his colonial masters in Havana.

Viva el socialismo. Vamos requete bien!

Translated from CubaNet

A ship of the Venezuelan Navy arrived Friday in Havana with the help promised by the Maduro regime to help the recovery of the Cuban capital, after the impact of a tornado on January 27, which left several municipalities Habaneros destroyed, 6 dead, around 195 injured and more than 4 thousand victims.

In the boat, vehicles, construction materials and other resources arrived in Cuba as part of a donation that the authorities of Castroism framed in “the bonds of friendship that unite both governments and peoples.”

Vladimir Maldonado, commander of the motorboat, confirmed that they arrived on the island by order of Maduro, reported the Cuban state news agency Prensa Latina, and also admitted that the aid comes at a time when Venezuela is going through a political crisis and never seen economic partner, which defenders of chavismo blame a supposed “US-led aggression.”

The first deputy minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Antonio Carricarte, thanked for his part the gesture of the Allied Government and took the opportunity to reiterate the support of Havana before what he described as “internal and external actions aimed at imposing a change of regime in the South American country. “

Meanwhile, while help arrives from Venezuela, a country that also needs humanitarian aid but that its dictator, Nicolás Maduro, refuses to let in, the Cuban government has insisted that private donations, which have surpassed expectations, be taken to state centers, either to collection points for material items, or to state banks for the deposit of cash, for later, as determined, distributed as appropriate.