Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship blocks food and aid to starving nation, a ‘war crime,’ says Sen. Marco Rubio

The socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela is blocking the delivery of much-needed food and aid from foreign nations. At this moment, the Venezuelan people are starving for lack of food and dying from lack of medicine and medical supplies.

Nevertheless, despite this humanitarian emergency, the socialist regime currently ruling in Venezuela would rather have the people die than admit they have failed by allowing aid to enter.

Via NPR:

Trucks full of food and medicine have arrived at the Venezuelan border, setting up a showdown between President Nicolás Maduro and U.S.-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

The aid convoy arrived at the Colombian border city of Cúcuta, The Associated Press reports, but Maduro and the military have blocked the Tienditas bridge so that the trucks cannot enter Venezuela.

“The United States is prepositioning relief items — including food, nutritional supplements, hygiene kits and medical supplies — in Colombia so they are available to reach those most in need in Venezuela as soon as possible,” a U.S. official told The AP.

Maduro has rejected aid offers and says his country has “never been, nor are we, a country of beggars,” the BBC reports.

The Maduro dictatorship is following the orders and example of its puppet masters in Havana. Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has sacrificed the lives and well being of millions of Cubans in its refusal to admit socialism and Castroism do not work. They would rather let millions die than allow the people to see tangible proof they are being governed by a corrupt and vile dictatorship.

The refusal to allow aid into Venezuela is not only an act of evil, but a crime against humanity and a “war crime” according to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) (via the Catholic News Agency):

Sen. Marco Rubio has called the humanitarian and political impasse in Venezuela “unsustainable,” and compared a blockade stopping food and medical aid from entering the country to a war crime.

The senator said leaders of the country’s security forces must choose between their orders and the needs of their families, neighbors and fellow citizens.

In a Feb. 8 interview with CNA, Rubio said that orders to prevent aid from crossing the border are illegitimate and should be refused by officers.

“They are being asked to do something that is illegitimate, they are being asked to do something that – if this were an armed conflict – would be a war crime,” Rubio said.

“Under the Geneva Conventions, the denial of the transit of food and medicine to civilian populations would be a war crime – that’s what they are being asked to participate in.”

Unfortunately, this is modus operandi of socialism: The socialist system must prevail, even if it means killing millions.