Venezuela’s socialist ‘Bridge of Shame’

Daniel Duquenal in Venezuela News and Views:

The bridge of shame

[The picture] has been flying all around the world from different angles.

It is one of the most perfect symbols of the crap that chavismo has always been, just exacerbated these days.

The fact first.  International help is arriving at the Colombian border.  Today was the first day that we were told that help would cross the border and start being distributed to an eagerly awaiting population. That bridge would have been one fo the important crossing points. This morning day light brought us the three way bridge blocked by some rusty steel, two discarded containers and an out of work gas carrying truck wagon.  All of them had their logo removed, by the way.

The excuse of the regime is that that help is the start of an invasion by foreign forces and that Venezuela does not need that help.  For any leftist that reads this, and there are none at this point as they are circling the wagons in incestuous mind fuck, I would like to point out that help or any commercial shipment must go through customs. Were Trojan containers it would quickly be noticed and neutralized.

Second, regardless on what the situation inside the country is (and it is well documents that is is miserable) the fact that millions have fled the country in the past couple of years is enough to settle the issue as to whether there is a crisis.  The refugee numbers are given by the UN, thus almost unimpeachable.

Why the regime would be willing to put up with the humiliation of such pictures today?  Because this has been the image of the day and trust me, it never got rave reviews outside of a very few sick minds.  Besides the tug of war of the regime against international opinion the simplest explanation is that the regime cannot allow, ever, to let anyone give anything to the people. ONLY the regime can distribute goods to the masses, so they can remain grateful, dependent, dominated by the regime.  A simple image of some foreigners distributing food and medicine to the down trodden that goes viral and there goes years of propaganda.

But beyond the politics behind that help the picture stroke me as a powerful symbol of what chavismo is at heart, if it has one.

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