The Maduro dictatorship’s masked death squads in socialist Venezuela

A chilling story of how masked death squads created by socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro roam Venezuela in search of dissidents to murder.

Gabriela Mesones Rojo in Caracas Chronicles:

How FAES Can Destroy Your Whole World

“After screaming my heart out, I asked them ‘Why did you kill my son?’”

“‘Because I have the power to do it,’  they said.”

Desiré never saw their faces. They took over her street, went through the apartments, kicked down doors, shouted orders. It was the first raid she’d ever witnessed. “I screamed and screamed and my neighbors didn’t come. They couldn’t. Everyone was stuck in the same nightmare.”

She moved to Macarao with her son six years ago, after losing her house in a flood. “This isn’t an area where criminals live. My neighbors work hard, very hard, just to put food on the table and pay the bills.”

“Macarao, for me, is a middle-class area,” says El Catire*, an ex-con from Petare. “That’s why it’s easier for security forces to get in, murder at will.”

Maikel Jesús Cumare Ávila was 21 years old when he was murdered by FAES officers in front of his mother, Desiré Cúmare, last January 8. At 9:00 a.m., Desiré heard a knock on the door. In a flash, masked men had a gun to her face.

“I couldn’t. I started shaking. They threatened to shoot me if I didn’t open the metal door. Maikel took the keys and opened himself. They burst in, pushed him to the ground and started kicking his head against the floor. That’s how they killed him. They cracked his skull.”

Desiré jumped on the FAES officers, tried to make them stop, take off their masks, to make them explain what was going on. They hit her and forced her out. She saw at least 50 officers in the area, and then she heard the gunshot from inside her home.Desiré is a 41-year-old nurse. “I was mother and father to him. I spent my life working for him. Now I have nothing left, no family, no home. It’s all gone.”

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  1. Every public figure in the free world who ever supported chavismo should recant and apologize publicly to the Venezuelan people, and I mean convincingly. Of course, Cubans are still waiting for such figures to come clean on Castro, Inc. after decades of implicit or explicit complicity. It will not happen, and for a very good reason: the people in question are contemptible and execrable pieces of shit.

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