Most disgusting article of the week: Cuba as romantic haven

Sexual slumming is so much fun!

From our Bureau of Soul-Crushing Insensitivity to Human Suffering

Aaaah, yes, Mildred.

See, I told you so: Cuba is no Hell-hole. It’s a lover’s paradise, comparable to Paris.

Yes… oh, Mildred, life is beautiful in Cuba, where women embrace their feminine sexuality and all the young males and females are eager to screw their brains out, regardless of their sex partner’s looks.

Imagine, Mildred, unbridled sex, mow-hee-toes, and no body shaming!

Empty beaches. Humming salsa bars. Dulcet guitar. Drums. Cuba reconciles the adjectives “lively” and “chill” in the best way possible. But if I asked you to come up with a list of destinations a solo traveller was most likely to score a date, a communist state probably wouldn’t be the first place to come to mind. However, as you’re about to discover, Cuba is right up there with Rome, New York and Paris.

Besides Havana (Cuba’s capital) sitting at number four on Refinery 29’s list of the world’s best cities for solo female travellers, Cuba is also known as a place women go to embrace their feminine sexuality. As podcast host and journalist Megan Tan posits: “In the U.S., their bodies would be judged, but here (in Cuba) they seemed to blend in — a freedom that’s so unfamiliar to me.”

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