Venezuela’s president Juan Guaido and the breaking of the humanitarian siege of socialism

Socialism has laid a humanitarian siege on Venezuela, starving and killing the people. Interim President Juan Guaido wants to break that siege.

Victor Drax in Caracas Chronicles:

Juan Guaidó’s New Bet: To Break the Humanitarian Siege on February 23rd

“And I have something else to announce,” Juan Guaidó says from the stage, and from the inflection in his voice, you know this is really something.

The plot twist is welcomed since, so far, there’s been nothing new. We’re under the sun, spirits are high, the event started late and the usual suspects gave the usual speeches. No complaints from my end, this is way better than the tear-gas-and-pellets combo that we usually got at Venezuelan demonstrations. Things have gotten a predictable, peaceful rhythm, and that’s good.

It’s been almost a month since he took on the job as the legitimate president of Venezuela, and that erosion spoken of in social media is nowhere to be found on the street. At this moment, more than 50 demonstrations are taking place throughout Venezuela. In Caracas, the Francisco de Miranda Avenue is so tight, so packed, that I can’t reach the stage from the front. I joined the demonstration somewhere around midday, and it got to a point where you could see the stage, but getting further ahead is just impossible.

Guaidó’s speech, although in the same tone as his previous addresses, still packs a punch to an audience that cheers wildly whenever he’s announced. This day, he’s being occasionally interrupted by people shouting “Maduro!”, getting the now obvious response. To this, Juan smiles, bides his time, even joins in with a “spontaneous” selfie. This is modern politics at its best, a guy with a natural gift for people, who makes you feel he’s like you.

But he knows also when to change the tone and get serious. And then he continues:

“Humanitarian aid is coming whether Maduro wants it or not!”

And everybody cheers.

“The usurpation is going to end whether Maduro wants it or not!”

The guy is unambiguous. His words fluctuate between calmed conversation and passionate patriotism.

“And here comes a direct order to the Armed Forces: Let the humanitarian aid get in!”

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