Cuban dissidents start hunger strike to protest the Castro dictatorship’s latest wave of violent repression

The real Cuba — not the fantasy version you read about but the reality Cubans must live in — remains a totalitarian hellhole. Despite attempts to sweep the crimes committed against humanity by the Castro dictatorship under the rug, the same violent repression, imprisonment, enslavement, and murder of innocent Cubans by the Castro regime continues unabated to this very day.

In Cuba today as it was in 1959, the Castro dictatorship continues to respond with brutal repression and imprisonment for any and all who dare to speak out against the dictatorship.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Cuban Dissidents on Hunger Strike After Violent Arrests

The head of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), a Cuban pro-democracy organization, announced Wednesday that 23 members of the group are on hunger strike after violent raids resulted in a mass arrest of fellow members in anticipation of the communist regime staging a fraudulent “constitutional referendum” this month.

UNPACU, along with the other major dissident organizations on the island, is urging Cubans to either vote against the referendum, which asks Cubans whether they approve of a new constitution already written and passed by the rubber-stamp legislature that operates under dictator Raúl Castro, and of which Miguel Díaz-Canel is the president.

Díaz-Canel revealed on Twitter Monday that the constitution is already “approved,” leaving many to ask why the government is staging a vote on the matter.

In addition to urging Cubans to vote “yes” on an already-approved constitution, the Cuban government has begun to use violent repression against dissidents advocating for a “no” vote or an abstention. José Daniel Ferrer, the head of UNPACU, and another 20 members of the group revealed on Tuesday that they received beatings during nationwide arrests on Monday triggered by their public political sentiments.

“Over 200 military troops and Cuban police, under the presence of high ranking members of the Ministry of the Interior, raided eight homes used as headquarters for UNPACU this midnight (Monday into Tuesday) with extreme violence,” a statement from UNPACU issued Tuesday read. “Without officially registered orders and simultaneously, they broke through the fences of the homes with grinders and broke in beating anyone they found in these headquarters.”

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