The simple math of Cuba’s vote on communist constitution: Either ‘No Vote’ or ‘Vote NO’ equals ‘No more Castros’

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Simple math: #YoVotoNo = #YoNoVoto = #N1Mas = #NoMoreCastroRegime

“Nonviolent action is just what it says: action which is nonviolent, not inaction. This technique consists, not simply of words, but of active protest, noncooperation, and intervention. Overwhelmingly, it is a group or mass action.” – Gene Sharp  

The Cuban opposition today is preparing for the February 24, 2019 sham the Castro regime calls a “constitutional referendum.”  Part of the Cuban democratic opposition is calling on Cubans to stay home and not vote. While another part of the opposition is calling on Cubans to go to the polls and vote no.

The current Cuban Constitution, a Stalinist invention adopted in 1976 was modified twice: first in 1992 and a second time in 2002, but for the purposes of this essay will not focus on the changes, but on Article 137 that deals with constitutional changes.

“If the modification has to do with the integration and authority of the National Assembly of the People’s Power or its Council of State or involves any rights and duties contained in the Constitution, it shall also require the approval of the majority of citizens with the right to vote by means of a referendum called upon for this purpose by the Assembly itself.”

This means that a majority of the total population of eligible voters would have to vote “Yes” for the new draft of the constitution to pass. Both opposition campaigns are valid and compliment each other.  Whether one refuses to vote or votes no they are not part of the “Yes,” and are rejecting the Castro dictatorship.

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