Number of hunger-striking Cuban dissidents continues to grow

Good luck finding this story in any of the world’s mainstream news media.

Increased repression in Castrogonia has led an unprecedented number of dissidents to join a communal hunger strike in protest of the human rights abuses of the Castro regime.

Of course, you can find the story in so-called “far-right” Breitbart, where stalwart defender of Cuban human rights Frances Martel calls attention to the plight of the island’s dissidents

Jose Daniel Ferrer (UNPACU)

The head of the dissident organization Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) announced Friday that the number of pro-democracy activists staging a hunger strike against the regime’s violence has risen to 43 people, following a week of raids of UNPACU members’ homes in which police beat and arbitrarily imprisoned many of its leaders.

UNPACU, along with several other dissident organizations, is protesting the imposition of a fraudulent vote on a new Communist Party constitution scheduled to take home on February 24. Miguel Díaz-Canel, the nation’s “president” and second-in-command to Communist Party leader Raúl Castro, already issued a statement this week saying the country will adopt the new constitution, which expands the state’s power, suggesting that the ruling tyranny will not take votes into consideration.

“There are now already 43 of us on the #HungerStrikeVsRepression,” UNPACU leader José Daniel Ferrer wrote on Twitter Friday, warning that there was a “danger” of a second round of beatings and arrests at the organizations Havana headquarters.
The number of those on hunger strike increased by seven overnight. On Thursday, several media outlets counted 36 people on hunger strike in defense of UNPACU and the pro-democracy movement on the island. Ferrer himself is on that list, as well as several members of the group who remain in prison following attacks on regional UNPACU headquarters. Several of those on the list are also veterans of past hunger strikes.

…The hunger strikes began following a public statement from UNPACU leadership published this week revealing the Cuban regime had sent hundreds of officers to harass, assault, and imprison members of the group advocating for Cubans to vote “no” on the new constitution.

“Over 200 military troops and Cuban police, under the presence of high ranking members of the Ministry of the Interior, raided eight homes used as headquarters for UNPACU this midnight (Monday into Tuesday) with extreme violence,” the group revealed Tuesday. “Without officially registered orders and simultaneously, they broke through the fences of the homes with grinders and broke in beating anyone they found in these headquarters.”

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