Cuba’s Castro dictatorship denies its military is propping up Venezuela’s dictatorship

Banner translation: “Cuba get out of our armed forces”

In a strongly worded statement delivered on Tuesday, the Castro dictatorship’s foreign minister denied U.S. claims that the Cuban military is operating in Venezuela and propping up the murderous Maduro dictatorship.

Via The Sun Daily:

Cuba rejected Tuesday the “despicable” accusation by US President Donald Trump that it has troops in Venezuela defending socialist leader Nicolas Maduro.

On Monday, Trump claimed that Maduro was being “protected by a private army of Cuban soldiers”.

“Let him show the evidence. Our government rejects this slander in the strongest and most categorical terms,“ said Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

He also claimed the US was “preparing a military intervention under a humanitarian pretext“, in a bid to oust Maduro.

A strongly worded statement is all Cuba’s Castro regime can do since it has neither the economic nor the military resources to do anything else but deliver strongly worded statements. And like all its other strongly worded statements, this one is just as laughable and just as easily proven false as the ones before it.

It’s no secret Cuba’s military is not only deployed in Venezuela, but is actually running the government. This has been extensively reported and documented by numerous sources. This is also nothing new: Hugo Chavez surrounded himself with Cuban military advisors and security, not trusting his own countrymen.

The people of Venezuela are also quite aware Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has completely infiltrated their government. For years they have been protesting and demanding that the Cubans get out of their government and their military. As mentioned before, the Cuban regime’s takeover the Venezuelan government is not a secret, rumor, or hearsay.

Nevertheless, no matter the size of the whopper they put out there, Cuba’s Castro regime knows they will have plenty of journalistic outlets ready to spread the word for them. While many have only heard the term “fake news” in recent times, the Cuban dictatorship has been trafficking in “fake news” for six decades.