Upcoming Cuba Visit by Prince Charles & Camilla Angers Some Brits

From our Bureau of Bloody Hell, Mad Dogs, Warm Beer, and Stiff Upper Lips

By Jove, dearest, imagine how inferior those Cubans will feel when they see us in these outfits!

British conservatives are urging the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to cancel their trip to Castrogonia.

Will they cave in?

Probably not, despite the fact that — unlike many of their subjects — they’re not seeking an apartheid “dream holiday” in Cuba.

Having already expressed fear and loathing for Cuban food, the royal pair seem more than a bit unenthusiastic about this trip. Maybe the snarling from Tories will be all they need to ditch it?

Let’s wait and see…

How dare you suggest a Cuban holiday, darling!
Absolutely frightful… Bloody Hell!

From Express:

Tory MPs have joined Venezuelan politicians in condemning the upcoming visit by the royals to Cuba, warning it could be appear as an endorsement of the dictatorship regime which is accused of torturing political prisoners in crisis-hit Venezuela. One MP questioned how it could be right for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall to “suck up to Cuban communists” who are propping up a president whom the UK, the US and dozens of other countries have recognised an an illegitimate leader. In a letter addressed to the foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, Andrew Lewer, said it would be “quite wrong to bestow our blessing on this brutality by carrying on with this royal visit”. 

Is this how one drinks Cuban coffee, my dear?

Maybe now I can finally collect the Cuban reward for my role in that messy Kennedy assassination? Almost bungled the whole bit as I ran behind the grassy knoll, I must say, but our agent 008 Oswald saved the day, after all.
Jolly good show.

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  1. What’s wrong with Charles’s hands and nails? They’re hideous. And his clothes are too tight. As for the consort, the more she dresses up, the cheaper she looks. They’re both superannuated clowns with pretty poor optics.

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