Will Maduro & Castro get the Noriega treatment?

Over the last year, we’ve written about Cuba’s presence in Venezuela.

Senator Rubio has reported in the last 48 hours that Cuban troops are involved:

We are receiving intercepted transmissions of Cuban agents present & directing repressive actions in Ureña.

This is very interesting. What happens if Cuban troops are ordered to defend Maduro at a time when Venezuelan troops are walking away?

Raúl Castro has to be very careful, because he could end up with Maduro in a Florida prison like Noriega back in 1989.

In 2015, Fidel Castro’s bodyguard wrote about Cuba’s role in the drug business:

As the Cocaine Cowboys era exploded into a yeyo-fueled crime wave of excess in South Florida and across the nation in the 1980s, Fidel Castro quietly helped Cuban smugglers get the drugs from Colombia to American shores.  Why?

“For him, drug trafficking was, above all, a weapon of revolutionary struggle more than a means of making money,” writes Juan Reinaldo Sanchez, a former Castro bodyguard.  “It served his revolutionary objectives in the sense that it corrupted and destabilized American society[.] … Icing on the cake: It was a means of bringing in cash to finance subversion.”

If Fidel was the cocaine king, then Raúl was his right hand man!

Two birds with one stone? Castro and Maduro in a Florida court to face drug charges? Unlikely, but it could happen if Raúl Castro orders Cuban agents to kill Venezuelans to protect Maduro.

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1 thought on “Will Maduro & Castro get the Noriega treatment?”

  1. Noriega was taken out because he abandoned the script that was handed to him by the CIA since the days of Omar Torrijos (who he most likely killed).

    The drug trafficking charges brought against Noriega were just a media-friendly pretext no different than, say, Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, to justify the invasion of Panama. USA knew Noriega was trafficking cocaine and laundering money long before it was made public and sold as “the problem”.

    Actually, Panama continued laundering money and taking part in the trans-shipment of cocaine long after Noriega was taken out. It is also known that during that same time, the 1980s, the CIA itself was selling cocaine to finance the Contras in Nicaragua. So, um, so much for that…

    At the end of the day, the war on drugs is a long lost war, a stupid waste of money, and a handy excuse to push several things – mainly governmental intervention in the banking system for the sake of taxation.

    We can all agree that the likes of Paris Hilton will continue snorting cocaine no matter the laws. Thus, I really do not know why I should give a care or have my tax dollars spent trying to babysit Hollywood, Wall Street, and The Hamptons.

    Anyhow, Raúl Castro has been ordering Cuban agents to kill Venezuelans (to protect Chavez/Maduro) for more than a decade already. He has also ordered the deaths of Cubans, Americans, Colombians, Africans… To suddenly act as if this were a possibility or a possible catalyst is absurd and no more than wishful thinking.

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