VP Pence travels to Colombia, calls on Venezuela’s military to obey constitution, announces new sanctions on dictatorship

Vice-Pres. Mike Pence with Venezuelan president Juan Guaido and Colombian President Ivan Duque in Bogota, Colombia.

Addressing the Lima Group in Bogota, Colombia on Monday, U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence called on Venezuela’s military leaders to obey the nation’s constitution and stop defending the Maduro dictatorship. Pence also announced new sanctions against the Cuban-controlled dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, vowing to go after and find every dollar of the billions the Maduro regime has stolen.

Via CBS News:

In a whirlwind trip to Bogota, Colombia, on Monday, Vice President Mike Pence made a direct appeal to Venezuela’s armed forces, urging them to offer their support for the government of interim President Juan Guaidó and to abandon any remaining loyalty to the embattled regime of Nicolás Maduro.

During an address to the multi-nation Lima Group, Pence also announced fresh sanctions on Maduro government officials – including several who were implicated in the weekend’s deadly unrest – and promised more than $50 million in additional support for regional partners addressing the crisis.

He promised stronger sanctions were forthcoming and called on the leaders gathered in Bogota to take further steps to isolate Maduro’s government economically and diplomatically, including by freezing all the assets of Venezuela’s state oil company, PDVSA.

“We will find every last dollar they have stolen and return that money to the Venezuelan people,” Pence said in a speech before the group.

He also reiterated a latent military threat, invoking previous comments made by President Trump that “all options” remained on the table.

“Despite Maduro’s brutality, we will press on,” Pence said.

One cannot help but to see the stark contrasts between the overall approach by the Trump administration to the crisis in Venezuela and the flaccid responses by the previous administration to similar challenges.

2 thoughts on “VP Pence travels to Colombia, calls on Venezuela’s military to obey constitution, announces new sanctions on dictatorship”

  1. How can the same things be tried in Cuba? How can we get the billions stolen from the Cuban people? How can we capture all of the thugs and spies, all of the people in power and make them pay? And all those prisoners. How can we release them and get them back to health and back to their loved ones?
    It seems such a gargantuan task.

  2. The oblivious Guaido isn’t president of anything, Duque is a silver-spooned niñato, and Pence is a solemn bluff. Oh, and the vociferous rightist of Brazil, who ruled out permitting military intervention from its territory and upheld to do all it can to avoid a conflict with neighboring Venezuela, is trash.

    By now this is all one big mariconada, merely a microphone war and political theater, that’s starting to lose momentum, smell bad, and look very absurd. This is all emboldening Maduro and further demoralizing the opposition.

    What else did Pence tell Cubazuela’s military? To brush their teeth, do their beds, and obey their mothers?

    The moment the international left and Maduro’s foreign allies realize that this is all a stupid circus, if they haven’t already, they will lose fear and restart aiding Maduro like never before.

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