As Venezuela’s economy collapses, food shortages worsen in Cuba

CUP store

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Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the creation of the parasitic economy that depends on the flow of dollars and euros sent by exiles to their relatives, Cuba has had two currencies: the CUP (Cuban Peso) and the CUC (US-Dollar convertible Peso), and goods in Cuba have been sold in two kinds of stores: one kind that accepts CUPs, and one that accepts CUCs.

Naturally, the CUP stores don’t have much in the way of merchandise, but the CUC stores have always been well-stocked with overpriced goods.

CUC store in better days

Food has been rationed in Cuba since the early days of the Castro regime. But when CUC stores were created, Cubans with Dollar-based CUCs could always find what they needed in the ridiculously overpriced CUC stores.

But the situation is changing rapidly. Now, as the Cuban colony of Venezuela enters its death spiral, it is taking Cuba along with it. As food runs short in Venezuela, the same happens in Cuba, and Cubans are feeling the pinch.

Meanwhile, the apartheid resorts provide tourists with lavish all-you-can-eat buffets.

Apartheid resort buffet in Varadero

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Essential food items are becoming scarce in Cuba, where at this moment the population cannot find them, not even with US-dollar-based CUC currency.

“There is no cooking oil, I think that is already extinct. Sometimes it appears, but only in very small rationed amounts,” activist Rebeca Boch told Radio Martí from the city of Camagüey.

Cubans are exasperated over not finding any cooking oil, salt or meat, not even in the apartheid foreign exchange stores with CUC currency.
“When they suddenly bring out salt, you have to run and buy it right away, and the queues that form outside the stores are immense,” Boch added.

But the shortage is not limited to Camagüey, it is also present in the city of Holguín.

“Many products are missing: oil, chicken, and others, when they become available, people trample each other to stand in huge lines for some oil or chicken.” Yesterday I went into a store and there was nothing — not a thing — and the oil ran out in less than a day,” said dissident Alberto Reyes.

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