Marxist guerrillas from Colombia’s terrorist groups helping Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship crush protests on border

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship not only controls the socialist dictatorship in Venezuela, it also has significant influence over Marxist terrorist groups in Colombia. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before these criminal and murderous Marxist guerrillas joined in to help defend a socialist ally in Venezuela.

Via the Telegraph:

Former members of the Farc and other Leftist guerilla groups are working with the Maduro regime to arm civilian paramilitaries violently quashing protests over aid on the Colombian border.

Amid clashes over the delivery of aid last weekend, a new ‘colectivo’ involving Colombian guerrilla forces has been mobilised to put down dissent on the frontier.  

Dressed in black and wearing ski masks, the militia opened fire on protesters during violent clashes last Saturday when opposition activists attempted to bring humanitarian aid into Venezuela.

Guerilla groups are known to operate in a the lawless border regions between the two countries. But the new colectivo links the feared Leftist militias with the increasingly desperate Venezuelan government.

The new colectivo, named Border Security, promises to “take the border and defend the revolution” in graffiti daubed across the border state of Táchira.

The testimonies of locals back up claims made by NGOs and security officials that Border Security includes members of the leftist Colombian guerrilla, the National Liberation Army or the ELN, and the dissident FARC.

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