Cuban officials of the Castro dictatorship get on Twitter, promptly start blocking all who criticize them

After years of shunning the internet, Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has dispatched its communist apparatchiks to Twitter to disseminate socialist propaganda. The platform allows the totalitarian regime to reach millions of people and spread its cancer far and wide. However, it seems they did not take into account the platform also allows millions of people to reach them.

The results of this foray into social media were predictable. As soon as the apparatchiks exposed themselves to free speech, they soon discovered they were no longer in totalitarian Cuba. Without the ability to dispatch State Security agents to arrest, torture, and jail those who speak ill of the Castro dictatorship, they resorted to the only other weapon they had: Blocking.

Mario Penton reports in The Miami Herald:

A large number of Cuban officials and institutions have set up accounts on social media, embracing a recent phenomenon in a communist-ruled island that until only a few years ago was disconnected from the digital world and where access to the internet remains limited.

The decision to open themselves up to what was once, according to the government, “technology used by the CIA for subversion” has been promoted by Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel as an avenue for dialogue between officials and ordinary Cubans.

However, unaccustomed to criticism, new users with a government title often opt to block or eliminate comments from citizens who question them.

“Beyond the political position of a public official, who holds a post presumably supported by voters, the social media networks of officials are to give an account of their management, which is paid with everyone’s money,” said Jovann Silva Delgado, a Cuban lawyer who lives in the United States and was recently blocked on Twitter by José Ramón Cabañas, the ambassador of Cuba in Washington.

It truly says a lot about the Cuban regime and socialism when the only method of defense you have for it is to either jail detractors or block them on social media.

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