Sec. of State Pompeo: ‘Imperialist’ Cuba and Russia behind power outages in Venezuela

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday did what the news media reporting on Venezuela so far has refused to do: call out the true culprits behind the crisis in that country.

Pompeo squarely placed the blame for the power outages in Venezuela on Russia and “imperialist” Cuba. Both of those corrupt countries have been meddling in Venezuela for years, with Cuba converting the once sovereign and rich nation into a colony of Havana, destroying its economy and democratic institutions.

Via the Washington Examiner:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed “the Communists in Havana” for the power outage that has worsened the humanitarian crisis unfolding under Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro.

“Cuba is the true imperialist power in Venezuela,” Pompeo told reporters Monday evening, noting the Cuban training of the regime’s security services. “So when there’s no electricity, thank the marvels of modern Cuban-led engineering. When there is no water, thank the excellent hydrologists from Cuba. When there’s no food, thank the Cuban communist overlords.”

Maduro is pinning the power outage on “multiple cyber-attacks,” which U.S. officials denied and cited years of mismanagement by the regime. The blackout is exacerbating food shortages in the country and leading to the deaths of babies and other vulnerable patients in hospitals without electricity. Pompeo, reversing the argument that the United States is meddling in Venezuela’s internal affairs, faulted Cuba and Russia for helping Maduro cling to power as most Western democracies recognize top lawmaker Juan Guaido as the interim president.

“The Kremlin is standing with its Venezuelan cronies against the will of the people of a sovereign nation to protect a Moscow-friendly regime,” Pompeo said. “The nations that support Maduro are, by the nature of this illegitimate regime, carrying out the very foreign interventionism of which they accuse others.”

Here is video of Sec. Mike Pompeo’s remarks on Monday: