Venezuela’s National Assembly votes to cut off oil shipments to Cuba’s Castro dictatorship

Venezuela’s National Assembly, the only duly elected government body in the country, voted on Monday to cut off oil shipments to Cuba’s Castro dictatorship (via Your News Net):

Venezuela’s National Assembly unanimously approved Monday, Juan Guaido’s request for a national state of emergency due to the power outage in the country.

The request also orders the Venezuelan government to cease interference with protesters and states that Venezuela will suspend shipping crude oil to Cuba.

Since its colonization of Venezuela, Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has been siphoning off hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil. Worth billions, the daily oil shipments have financed the Castro dictatorship for nearly two decades, allowing the Cuban regime to continue its influence operations in Venezuela and elsewhere.

Venezuela’s interim president Juan Guaido said on Monday the financing of the Castro dictatorship was over. Guaido also called on the international community to help Venezuela block the oil shipments to the Cuban regime (via Martí Noticias – my translation):

Juan Guaido, the interim president of Venezuela, called for help from the international community on Monday to stop the shipments of crude oil the Nicolas Maduro regime sends to Cuba.

“We have ordered there will be no more petroleum sent to Cuba, they are not going to continue exploiting the money of the Venezuelan people […] furthermore, not only have we issued the order, but we are calling for international cooperation to help carry out this measure,” said Guaido during an emergency legislative session addressing the nation’s power outages.

“We are not going to continue financing the interference of the Cubans in our armed forces […] We are not going to continue accepting our people going hungry while they steal Venezuela’s money,” said the interim president.

In a message later published on Twitter, Guaido added: “We’ll see now if the leaders of Cuba can finance their dark mission here in Venezuela on their own. We’ll see how much ‘love’ the interventionist Cubans really have for Venezuela.”