The New York Times jumps to the defense of Venezuela’s murderous dictator, tries to vilify democratic opposition

The New York Times has spent six decades defending and carrying water for Cuba’s murderous Castro dictatorship. It’s no surprise then they would attempt to do the same for Cuba’s murderous puppet regime in Venezuela.

David Unsworth reports in PanAm Post:

New York Times Dishonesty Draws the Ire of Venezuelan People, Colombian Government

The New York Times has claimed its analysis proves Maduro’s innocence in burning humanitarian aid, but it does nothing of the sort.

The New York Times has drawn the ire of the Colombian government and New York’s Venezuelan community in the wake of its dubious, pro-Maduro coverage of an incident involving the burning of humanitarian aid trucks on the Simon Bolivar Bridge on the Colombo-Venezuelan border.

The video, which in typical New York Times fashion claims to be a stunning expose of the international media’s rush to judgment, brazenly suggests that Nicolas Maduro is completely innocent. The truly sickening sequence of clips starts by showing footage of a Venezuelan National Guard member standing in front of the approaching trucks, appealing for peace and tranquility.

The implication is clear: Maduro’s stormtroopers are appealing for order and justice in the face of an onslaught by an unruly mob seeking to infringe upon Venezuelan sovereignty. Of course, the reality is that the Venezuelan people would welcome the aid with open arms, were it not for the brutally violent machinations of Maduro’s minions…who are bribed for their loyalty with food.

The video proceeds to a clip in which it claims to show that a masked protester approaching from the Colombian side, but already in Venezuelan territory, ignited the blaze by launching a molotov cocktail.

However, there is no definitive evidence to show that the molotov cocktail projectile in question started the blaze that ended up consuming the three trucks.. Further still, there has been no apparent effort made by the NYT to identify the individual who launched the molotov cocktail.

At best, the grand result of the NYT exhaustive video investigation would be that it is entirely inconclusive as to who started the blaze, or with what motive.

A group of Venezuelan gathered at the New York Times headquarters at noon on Monday, March 11, to protest against the paper’s biased coverage.

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  1. Esto es muy viejo y apesta. Translation: The NYT is what it is and always has been: a perverse BS peddler. Asco.

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