Former Argentine president visits ailing daughter in Cuba

From our Bureau of Disgraced Latrine American Politicians:

Cristina Fernandez Kirchner — a dear friend of the Castro regime — has flown to Cuba to visit her daughter, who has been receiving medical treatment from the Castrocare Health System.

The nature of her daughter’s illness has not been revealed, but it is no secret that she has been there since last December. Ex-president Cristina — who was booted from office as a result of her involvement in a massive corruption scandal — has blamed her daughter’s illness on the “persecution” the family has been enduring at the hands of political enemies.

Naturally, one must assume that the care received by Cristina’s daughter is whatever passes for top-notch cutting-edge medicine in Castrogonia, and that she is being treated by doctors who are normally assigned to the country’s communist oligarchs.

Still, one must wonder what is really going on, and why anyone who can afford REAL medical care in Europe or North America would seek help in Castrogonia, one of the most hellish of all hell holes on earth.

Oh… I see, Mildred… Ideology. Yes, that must have something to do with this horrific choice.

Best friends forever

From Merco Press:

Ex-Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner left on Thursday for Cuba to assist her 29-year-old daughter Florencia, who is receiving medical treatment. In a dramatic video posted on her Twitter, the senator for Buenos Aires province said that her daughter was suffering from ”severe health problems” and began special treatment in Cuba last December.

Although she did not specify her daughter’s condition, Fernández de Kirchner suggested that Florencia’s poor health was a consequence of ”the fierce persecution to which she has been subjected” to, a reference to ongoing criminal investigations against both the former president and members of her immediate family, including Florencia.

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  1. There’s definitely something wrong with Florencia, starting with her name, and she has always looked “funny,” as in tarada. Considering her parents, that’s hardly a shocker.

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