“Persecution”- related illness of Cristina Kirchner’s daughter is too serious to be treated in Cuba

From our Bureau of Pity-Seeking Corrupt Latrine Politicians Who Care More About Their Leftist Image Than About Their Own Children 

Surprise! Argentine news sources have revealed that Florencia Kirchner’s illness has nothing to do with “persecution” or “stress,’ as her mother has been claiming.

And, as if it were not bad enough that hyper-Castrophile Cristina Kirchner sought to score pity points by claiming that her daughter’s illness had been caused by a right-wing plot to discredit her, there is another aspect of this latest Latrine Political Telenovela that makes Cristina look like even more of a monster.

Sadly, her daughter is suffering from Lymphedema, a very serious disfiguring illness that is way too complex to be treated effectively in Cuba.

Lymphedema, also known as lymphoedema and lymphatic edema, is a painful and debilitating condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a malfunctioning lymphatic system. The illness can be congenital, but is usually caused by damage to the lymph nodes or by their removal. It’s often a side effect of cancer treatment and can show up years later.

This is most definitely a tragedy beyond the Telenovela dimension in which Cristina Kirchner lives, moves, and poses as a political victim.

Anyone with her resources who chooses to subject a loved one to Castronoid medical care — as opposed to any Cuban who has no choice — is either extremely ignorant or more interested in making a political statement than in really finding a cure.

3 thoughts on ““Persecution”- related illness of Cristina Kirchner’s daughter is too serious to be treated in Cuba”

  1. “Sadly”? Screw her, her family, and screw them all. The sooner, the better.

    She has shamelessly served a degenerate fraud and mass-murderer who has agonized and ruined an entire population (sinking a once prosperous republic into unpardonable dystopian ruin) only because said character filled her morally corrupt pockets and validated her lacking intellect, if any.

    This vile hypocritical and elitist imbecile, who herself did her nation no service, could not care less about the Cuban citizens Raul Castro drowned at sea (to not bother their leftist American friends, the rats of the Clintons). Yet, I am suppose to feel sad for these people?

    “After nearly an hour of battling in the open sea, the boat circled round the survivors, creating a whirlpool so that we would drown. Many disappeared into the seas… We asked them to save us, but they just laughed, they then told us to jam random object up our noses.”

    – Ms. García, whose ten-year-old son, husband, and other close family members died in the Tugboat “13 de Marzo” Massacre.

  2. I doubt this is about medical care, but rather about getting the kid beyond the reach of legal problems related to corruption.

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