Young Cuban fired from his job at a ‘private’ restaurant in Cuba for denouncing the Castro dictatorship

Jovian Diaz is one of the young Cuban men who denounced the Castro dictatorship when he exposed on video the Cuban regime’s plans to ship young Cubans to fight in defense of the Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela. For his troubles, Jovian ended up getting fired from his job at a so-called private restaurant in Cuba.

Americateve is reporting that soon after the video went viral, Jovian was informed he could no longer work at the Genesis restaurant in Havana. According to Jovian, the reason he was given for his termination was that the restaurant’s owner did not want to upset the Castro dictatorship.

To make matters more interesting as well as disturbing, it appears the real owner of the restaurant lives in Florida with the day-to-day operations carried out by her mother in Cuba.

In a conversation with the restaurant owner’s mother, Jovian was told she had received a phone call from her daughter in the U.S. and was told to fire him because he was “talking about things he shouldn’t be talking about.”

So what you have is not only a “private” restaurant in Cuba enforcing the same policies of any state-run restaurant in Cuba, but also a “private” restaurant owner living in the U.S. enforcing Castro regime policies in Cuba.

Here is the video report (in Spanish) from Americateve:

Remember this story the next time you hear the “Cuba Experts” screeching about U.S. policy hurting Cuba’s “entrepreneurs.”