British royals Prince Charles and Camilla to tour communist Cuba like two ignorant tourists

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are scheduled to arrive in Cuba next week and will embark on a tour of the island similar to every other ignorant tourist who visits the totalitarian communist nation. According to their published itinerary, the British royals will visit with musicians, eat at restaurants, and examine the vintage cars that drive through Havana.

Via the Sydney Morning Herald:

The royal couple will make an official four-day trip to the communist state next week – a first by members of the monarchy and will feature a meeting with some of Cuba’s most celebrated music stars.

At a Havana recording studio, the prince and his wife are expected to be introduced to members of the Buena Vista Social Club who became world-wide celebrities when their 1997 album became a surprise global hit and Grammy award winner.

Other highlights of the Cuban trip will see the couple meet Havana owners of the famous vintage cars still running in the capital, although these will be British classics.

There are no plans for the royal couple to meet Raul Castro, the brother of Cuba’s former Communist leader Fidel Castro who died in 2016, but they will be guests of honour at an official dinner hosted by the country’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

What is not on their itinerary is any meetings with the many dissident groups in Cuba who suffer daily repression at the hands of the Castro dictatorship. Neither will you find on their itinerary any visits to political prisoners on the island. You will not find any mentions of the words freedom, liberty, democracy, or human rights in their official plans and no one expects them to bring those words up even in casual conversation.

The British royals will in effect be nothing more than ignorant tourists on the island. They will enjoy the sights and sounds of the Cuban regime’s Potemkin Village while ignoring the violent repression and human rights atrocities committed by the Castro dictatorship. Just like almost every other ignorant tourist to the island prison.

3 thoughts on “British royals Prince Charles and Camilla to tour communist Cuba like two ignorant tourists”

  1. These are decorative figures who aren’t even good as decoration, especially the floozy Camilla–overblown banalities. Let them “do Cuba” like comparable types, such as Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton. Ultimately, all they’re doing is soiling themselves, even if they’re too dim to see it.

  2. Even at her fanciest and swankiest, Camilla always reminds me of cigarettes and booze. She’s inherently vulgar.

  3. These figurines whose role is to serve dilutions of grandeur, not much different than the fictional character of James Bond, are not ignorant but rather classist, careless and, yes, racist.

    I am certain that if Cuba’s population was predominantly Anglo-Saxon as, say, Bermuda’s or New Zealand’s, the triviality and patronage would not be so repugnant.

    Clearly, they are showing disregard for Cubans and simply glad that someone is giving them a stage – no matter what kind.

    Suddenly a grotesque dystopia such as Cuba is no more than a human zoo, a backdrop, and a theme park that warrants promotion and validation because, you know, it must be a primitive culture that can’t achieve much more anyway.

    Then again, little did the English care when they looked down on the Spanish Civil War (never helping Gen. Franco defeat communism) to rather side with Stalin, betray, and help ruin half of Europe by gifting it to communists who had been at it since 1918 (just as the fascists had warned) in order to save their own burgess and decaying empire that, despite having “won” thanks to others, still isn’t the economic heart of Europe – the loser [Germany] is.

    By the way, it was the U.K. who declared war on Germany during WWI and WWII, not the other way around.

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