Shuffling the deckchairs on the socialist Titanic: Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro calls on his cabinet to resign

Cuba’s puppet dictator in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has called on his cabinet ministers to resign (via Yahoo News):

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro asked his cabinet ministers to offer their resignations in a sign he wants to reshuffle leadership among those closest to him.

“President @NicolasMaduro has asked the entire Executive Cabinet to offer their charges for resignation for the purpose of a profound reorganization of the methods and operation of the Bolivarian government to shield the Homeland of Bolivar and Chavez from any threat,” Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said in a tweet. Maduro’s verified account retweeted the message.

Maduro is facing international pressure to step down amid one of the worst economic and political crises in recent times. A massive power outage that plagued the country for almost a week recently halted water service, stalled refineries, paralyzed the transport system and sparked violence and looting.

The move shows the obvious desperation of a tyrant trying to stave off his imminent demise and buy more time in the hopes he can find a way to stay in power. The measure itself amounts to nothing more than the shuffling of deckchairs on a socialist Titanic; the iceberg has already been hit and the ship is sinking fast.

Nevertheless, expect the Latin America “experts” and the media to latch onto this meaningless act as a pretense for foreign nations to reduce pressure on the murderous dictator.