Castro-loving Cristina Kirchner hit with more corruption charges

From our Bureau of Corrupt Latrine American Politicians Who Love the Castro Dictatorship

While ex-president Cristina Kirchner is visiting her ailing daughter in Cuba, prosecutors back in Argentina have indicted her again for corruption.

The only reason she is not in jail is that she managed to get elected as a senator after being forced to resign as president and in Argentina senators are immune from imprisonment on corruption charges.

Great place, Argentina. Great exemplar of Latrine Americanism, or Latrinity, a term coined here at Babalu by our Bureau of Leftists From Former Iberian Colonies.

This great friend of Fidel and Raul Castro –who intends to run for president again in the next election this coming October– is now facing TEN separate charges of corruption, all adding up to billions of dollars in bribes, kickbacks, and all other sorts of graft and chicanery.

And, oh, in case your irony sensors are on the fritz today, allow us to remind you that Cristina and her late husband –who was involved in many of the same corrupt schemes — built their political careers on class antagonism and other such Marxist claptrap by pretending to be social justice warriors who care deeply about income inequality and the plight of the poor and downtrodden.

Just like their great national hero and role model, Che Guevara,

From The Buenos Aires Times

Former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was charged with a new corruption case for the second day running on Tuesday afternoon, this time related to irregularities in the concession of subsidies for train and bus operators.

The former head of state was charged with “illicit association, bribery and fraudulent administration.”

The 66-year-old senator for Buenos Aires province is facing a host of other investigations in the courts, as her judicial woes mount. A previous indictment had been handed down 24 hours before on Monday, for the fraudulent import of liquid gas, bringing the number of cases against her to 10.

Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio asked that Fernández de Kirchner be remanded in pre-trial custody with bail of one billion pesos (US$25 million). But the Unidad Ciudadana leader, who was president from 2007 to 2015, is protected from incarceration by partial parliamentary immunity.

Fernández de Kirchner is currently in Cuba, where her daughter is receiving hospital treatment for an unconfirmed health problem. The former head of state has blamed Florencia Kirchner’s condition on the “political and judicial persecution” the Kirchner family is facing, a reference to criminal charges against the former president, her son, Máximo Kirchner, and Florencia, based on alleged crimes involving hotels owned by the presidential family.

Among the previous 10 cases brought against Fernández de Kirchner, the most notable is the ‘cuadernos’ corruption notebooks scandal, in which she is accused of having received tens of millions of dollars in bribes. In that case, the prosecution claims that a total of US$160 million in bribes were handed over between 2005 – when her late husband Néstor was president – and 2015.

Fernández de Kirchner hopes to stand in October’s presidential elections and is the closest rival to President Mauricio Macri, according to the polls.

The first of the many trials the former president faces for corruption begins on May 21, in a case in which she is accused of having corruptly favoured businessman Lázaro Báez in the attribution of 52 public works contracts worth 46 billion pesos (US$1.2 billion) during her presidency.

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