Cuba denies entrance to American LGBT activist

Michael Petrellis

From our Annals of Leftist Bigotry Bureau, with assistance from our Bureau of The Booger Princess and her Hypocritical Realm:

Here in the U.S. homophobia has become a crime.

In Cuba, however, homophobia is still deeply ensconced and an official policy of the Castro regime, as recently revealed by the removal of same-sex marriage rights from the so-called “new” constitution.

Yet, despite abundant proof of the repression endured by the Cuban LGBT community, American liberals continue to think highly of the Castro regime and all of its so-called “accomplishments.”

This is due largely to an unquestioned assumption about the liberal “package deal” shared by most American and European leftists, that is, the assumption that leftism is a coherent and universal political philosophy that rejects bigotry and favors the downtrodden.

Naturally, a corollary unquestioned leftist assumption is that anyone who is not a leftist is therefore an incurable bigot.

In leftist circles, to question these twin assumptions is to lapse into heresy. For proof of this, check out The Bigot: Why Prejudice Persists, by Princeton professor and “leading political thinker” Eric Bronner. Here is how Yale Press and Amazon describe the contents of his book:.

Stephen Eric Bronner is a prolific author, activist, and one of America’s leading political thinkers. His new book presents bigotry as a systematic, all-encompassing mindset that has a special affinity for right-wing movements. In what will surely prove a seminal study, Bronner… reveals how prejudice shapes the conspiratorial and paranoid worldview of the true believer, the elitist, and the chauvinist. In the process, it becomes apparent how the bigot hides behind mainstream conservative labels in order to support policies designed to disadvantage the targets of his contempt.

Well… every now and then something happens that not only proves this assumption to be wrong, but also proves that leftists can be more virulently prejudiced and more intent on repression than any so-called right-winger.

Today’s proof comes from Castrogonia, where a prominent American LGBT activist has been harassed by the Ministry of the Interior and barred from entering the country.

His crime? To bring pro-LGBT rights literature and paraphernalia to the island, including some VERY dangerous stickers and bracelets.

Naturally, the only person in Castrogonia allowed to promote the image that the country is LGBT-friendly is none other than hyper-hypocrite Booger Princess Mariela Castro.

And the only LGBT activists allowed any freedom or initiative in the socio-political sphere are those who help the Booger Princess fool the world into thinking that Castrogonia is not a repressive hell-hole.

La Princesa de los Mocos

From the Washington Blade:

A prominent LGBTI activist from San Francisco claims the Cuban government has prohibited him from entering the country.

Michael Petrelis on Wednesday wrote on his Facebook page that an Interjet airlines ticket agent at Cancún International Airport in Mexico told him as he tried to check into his flight to Havana that Cuban authorities “had denied me entry into the country.” Petrelis said the agent wrote the message he received on his computer screen onto a piece of paper.

“We cannot allow him to travel to Havana because of migratory questions,” reads the handwritten message in Spanish, which Petrelis posted to his Facebook page. “He will not be allowed to enter the country.”

Petrelis has traveled to Cuba three times, with his most recent trip in January.
Petrelis told the Washington Blade in a series of exclusive interviews during and after his latest trip that a Cuban immigration official interrogated him upon his arrival at Havana’s José Martí International Airport on Jan. 2. Petrelis said the agent had printouts of the Facebook posts he wrote about his trip before he left San Francisco and asked him about the 10,000 rainbow stickers and 1,200 Pride bracelets in his luggage that he planned to distribute across Cuba.

Petrelis said an agent with the Cuban Interior Ministry the following day came to the private home in which he was staying and again asked about the stickers and bracelets he brought into the country. Petrelis told the Blade the agent then summoned him to a meeting.

Petrelis said officials at what he described as ministry barracks interrogated him for two hours and told him not to attend any protests, including the “human rainbow” at the Cuban Capitol that he had previously proposed. Petrelis said the agents directed him to bring his stickers and bracelets to the National Center for Sexual Education, an organization directed by Mariela Castro, the daughter of former Cuban President Raúl Castro who spearheads LGBTI issues in Cuba.

Petrelis told the Blade that officials again interrogated him at José Martí International Airport before they allowed him to board his flight out of the country.

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1 thought on “Cuba denies entrance to American LGBT activist”

  1. I don’t blame the Booger Person (princess is sexist now). She’s bound to protect and promote the family business, to which she owes absolutely everything. Only a fool would expect her to be a better person, given her exceedingly toxic DNA from both parents and the associated upbringing. My contempt is largely reserved for LGBT people, especially foreign ones outside her zone of power, who choose to play her game and enable the totalitarian horror behind it.

    Yes, there are useful idiots, but there are also plenty of fashion victims who’ll go along with anything suitably PC even if it is downright fraudulent, not to mention perverse, regardless of the hypocrisy involved. Then, of course, there are bigots and racists who think island savages are obviously lower life forms who need no more and no better than Castro, Inc. and its associated dystopia.

    In other words, the Booger Person comes by her hijeputez honestly, so to speak, and simply acts accordingly. Those who have no such excuse and whose lives she cannot screw with (unlike LGBT people in Cuba) have absolutely no business cooperating with the daughter and niece of totalitarian dictators who is a committed and unconditional apologist for their dictatorship–that is, in fact, her real job.

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