Cuba’s Castro dictatorship makes cynical offer to negotiate with claimants of properties it stole

There are few socialist dictatorships in the world more cynical than Cuba’s Castro regime. While socialism is cynical by its very nature, Cuba’s communist dictatorship takes it to new levels.

Responding to the Trump administration’s lifting of the ban on lawsuits by victims who had their properties stolen by the Cuban regime, the Castro dictatorship has offered to “negotiate” with the claimants (via Cuba Headlines):

The Cuban government said it is willing to negotiate an agreement to compensate claimants for properties that were expropriated after the Cuban Revolution.

“What Cuba is willing to do (…) is to enter into a negotiation process in the search for a total sum agreement so that the former claimants, recognized by the US Foreign Claims Commission, can be compensated,” he explained. the director for the US of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernández de Cossío.

Sounds like a step in the right direction, right? But when you’re dealing with the hyper-cynical Castro dictatorship, there is always a catch. With the Castros, there is always an angle in everything they say and do always bent to their favor.

Sure, the criminal Castro dictatorship is willing to “negotiate,” but only after the U.S. “pays” the Cuban regime:

In exchange for initiating this negotiation, Cossío asked to initiate “a process of discussion” so that Washington compensates the Cuban government for what he described as “material damage from years of military aggression.”

“In a process like that, Cuba is willing to reach an accommodation of mutual compensation with the United States Government,” he said in the video posted on the official website of the Foreign Ministry on YouTube.

By making this ridiculous demand they know is unobtainable and will never happen, the Castro dictatorship scores a win. They not only derail any serious talks of reconciliation over the stolen property, they also provide fodder for their supporters in the media to show how “reasonable” the Cuban dictatorship is.

In reality, what the Castro dictatorship is offering is the same thing they have been offering for the past six decades: shameless socialist cynicism.

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  1. Castro, Inc. never pays, not even its allies, but even if it did, the money isn’t there or can’t be spared.

  2. Photo caption: “Yeah, we’re all frauds, but so what? We’re still in power, and nobody gives a shit.”

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