5 thoughts on “Prince Charles and Camilla continue to endure their Cuba visit”

  1. So the heir to the throne of a once-great empire stoops to play footsie with a decrepit dictatorship in a third-world shithole, needlessly and in exchange for practically nothing, thus soiling and disgracing himself and the monarchy by enabling and legitimizing totalitarian evil.

    The visuals of the visit could hardly be cheesier or tackier, and again, for what? Is this really any better than Latrine behavior? Somebody should explain to the Windsors what noblesse oblige entails.

  2. Again, the wreath-laying ceremony in that location with that staging is a set-up: it guarantees the Che photo.

  3. Look at his expression at the sight of the churros. That is really weird. I eat churros all the time and never would act like that in front of the noble snack.

  4. I doubt churros are normally available to ordinary Cubans. For one thing, they take cooking oil, a scarce, not so say rare commodity these days.

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