Venezuela before and after socialism: From prosperity to poverty

A Venezuelan shop owner before and after being ravaged by socialism.

This is what socialism does. Not occasionally or once in a while, but every time it has been tried.

Emmanuel Rincon in PanAm Post:

Venezuela Then and Now: The “Achievements” of Chavista Socialism

There are two Venezuelas: the Venezuela of yesterday, prosperous and thriving, and the Venezuela of today: poor, corrupt and in the dark.

Venezuela is a country that has changed a lot since its golden years, those in which it was the symbolic capital of Latin America, due to its progress, drive and sustained economic growth. Today, Venezuela is the poorest country in the region. All this happened after 20 years of socialism. Rather than writing a reflection or analysis of this situation, I present some data that shows the radical changes from the era of democratic Venezuela of the 1980s, to the current Venezuela governed by Chavismo.

Purchasing power:

1979: The Saudi Venezuelans crowd the stores of New York.

2019: Venezuelans collect water from the sewers and rivers to bathe.

Immigration and emigration:

1979: During the process of registration of foreigners, the government announces that they will be granting residence visas to Colombians with more than five years in the country.

2019: More than one million Venezuelans are living in Colombia as refugees.

Infrastructure and services:

1979: The West Tower of the Central Park Complex is inaugurated. At the time it was the tallest skyscraper in Latin America.

2019: Water does not reach the buildings of Caracas.

Communication and press freedom:

1980: Color television transmissions are officially launched throughout the country.

2019: 115 media outlets have closed since the arrival of Nicolás Maduro to power.

Import and local production:

1980: The decree launching the slogan “Buy Venezuelan” is published in Official Gazette No. 32,329, in order to reduce the number of imports to favor domestic companies.

2019: Venezuela imports 75% of the food consumed in the country.

Technology and media management:

1980: The Camatagua II Land Station comes into operation, with which Venezuela already has full access to the Intelsat IV-A and Intelsat V satellite.

2019: State-controlled VTV, and the ruling government party, encourage citizens to plant their own food and raise pigs.


1980: The new Banco de Venezuela Building is inaugurated.

2019: Hyperinflation in Venezuela climbs to over 10,000,000%.

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